Atheist social networks

Atheist social networks


Atheism Live Journal Group

This community has been created as a place for those who doubt the existence of a supreme deity to compare thoughts.


Atheist Nexus

A community for atheists, agnostics, brights, freethinkers, humanists & skeptics.


Richard Dawkins

A clear-thinking oasis


The Rational Response Squad

We’re your friendly neighborhood atheist activists!


The Reason Project

A nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society.


Think Atheist


Truth Saves

Truth-Saves is an online resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about Christianity. We also cover related topics such as common misconceptions about Evolution.

Atheist Nation

Atheist Nation is a community-driven website to find and organize the atheist web.

Atheist Off Topic

An online social club for atheists to gather and discuss things not directly dealing with atheism.

Atheists Today

A place to share and discuss opinions relating to modern atheism, life and the world today. This is a member driven site, your input is valuable in making this community a rewarding experience for all users.

Livejournal: Atheist

The Infidel Revolution

A DMZ for reason’s freedom fighters



  1. I have one other recommendation:
    Social Atheist (
    They are still new, but have LOTS of potential, there is a blog, a forum, a section for all the atheist resources from across the web. All build though a social networking platform.
    Go check them out!

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