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‘Faith’ schools campaigner appeal

‘Faith’ schools campaigner appeal

Do you want to see an end to religious privilege and discrimination in our schools?

We need your help to raise £40,000 by December 2010 so that we can continue to run our campaign to phase out state funded ‘faith’ schools.

Faith Schools: Just Say No

The majority of our campaigning work on this issue is led by our dedicated faith schools campaigner. With your help we can continue to support this important post for another twelve months.

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There are nearly 7,000 state-funded ‘faith’ schools in England.  Many of these have the power to discriminate against children and teachers, excluding those of the ‘wrong’ or no religion.  Religious groups can also exercise considerable influence on the curriculum, especially in the areas of Religious Education and sex education.

The result is religious and socio-economic segregation, with thousands of pupils being denied a broad, balanced and inclusive education.

With the recent introduction of religious Academies and free schools, which do not have to follow the National Curriculum and are outside local authority control, the power and influence of religious groups in our schools system will increase significantly in the next few years.

That’s why it’s so important that our campaign against state-funded ‘faith’ schools continues to grow.

The faith schools campaigner undertakes a range of activities with the aim of realising a fully inclusive schools system, where children learn with and from each other regardless of their own or their parents’ beliefs.  His work includes:

  • working with MPs and peers to raise the issue of ‘faith’ schools in parliament
  • raising awareness of the problems of ‘faith’ schools, and challenging popular myths used to defend them
  • working with the media to ensure the voices of humanists and other secularists are heard in the public debate on ‘faith’ schools
  • responding to government consultations and parliamentary inquiries
  • carrying out original research and opinion polling into the issues surrounding ‘faith’ schools
  • supporting local campaigns against new ‘faith’ schools
  • providing information and advice to parents, teachers and pupils
  • working with our partner organisations in Accord – a campaigning coalition for reform of ‘faith’ schools,  bringing together religious and non-religious supporters of change.

This work is enormously important, yet very difficult to fund.  The religious lobby, in contrast, is both well-resourced and deeply entrenched in our political system.

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